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Sounds like: Mac DeMarco, Gus Dapperton, Tom Misch, Childish Gambino, Mac Miller, Yellow Days, Labi Siffre, Gorillaz Genres: Indie, Lo-fi, Acoustic, Bedroom Pop, Alternative Label: Independent (N/A)


Introducing: The Young, Fresh Genre Blending Liam Phelan

When combining sonic signatures of artists such as Mac Demarco, Gorillaz and even Kanye West, you can only imagine that Newham born singer and producer Liam Phelan is out to impress. At the age of 13 after religiously listening to bands such as Green Day, Muse and Led Zeppelin, Liam learned the guitar and began writing his own songs. It was only once he had discovered that you could create music on your computer that the producing came into play.

With a love for Hip-Hop and Jazz equal to his Rock roots, Liam began taking distinct traits from these genres such as sampling and Jazzy chord progressions and started fusing them to create a mellow yet developed sound. By experimenting with amps on his vocals and phasing on guitars, his sound soon started to become an amalgamation of the music he loved listening to growing up.

At the end of 2017, Liam released his first project titled “The Relate EP,” which gained the attention of many playlisters and YouTube content creators. The 4 track EP was a journey through the stages of a past relationship and was Liam at his most vulnerable.

“I’ve always felt that music is more engaging when it’s honest, regardless of the genre, so for this project I placed myself in a position where I could only talk about what I have experienced.” He continues “When looking at a relationship (or anything really) I ask myself, why do I have these feelings? And when I can say the answer out loud, then I can begin to write.”

The EP has now gained over 200,000 plays across all major streaming platforms and has given the London based artist a solid foundation to develop his sound. With a few successful follow up singles in 2018, the young producer is now currently working on his next project as well live shows for what he hopes to be a name making 2019.


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717 Likes, 81 Comments - Liam Phelan (@worldwideruckusgram) on Instagram: "Did he make the whole beat, sing, spit a quick verse and shred (minus the mistake) a solo in under..."

The Relate EP

Taking into account that it is his debut project, “The Relate EP” perfectly envisions the mind state of DIY producer Liam Phelan.

With distorted auto tuned vocals on “Insane,” to soothing string arrangements on “Bad Endings” there is never an anticipated moment on the EP.

“Each song is my mind state during different periods of the relationship. As it progresses you hear it gradually getting darker and more distant, especially production wise. I felt this perfectly represented what was going through my mind during each phase.”